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Cindy Leong, born in Tāmaki Makaurau is of Malaysian-Chinese heritage and is currently undertaking post graduate study at Elam School of Fine Arts. Her painting practice explores Eastern philosophy, predominantly within Buddhism and Taoism. She has deeply resonated with the notion of equanimity, being the grounds for wisdom and freedom which produces a warmth of being. The equanimous mind is the continuous process of awareness and being mindful of each moment to moment.

Currents of calmness may be felt in Leong's abstract paintings in which they encourage the viewer to slow down and enter an introspective state of mind. Traces of marks cascade and traverse its surface, depicting a slow release of time. She views her paintings as respite from the noise and chaos of the external world, eliciting an atmosphere for quiet contemplation.

Textures formed by the oil paint's viscosity, the irregular weave of linen, the crisp edges left over after an incense burn, and the thin fragility of rice paper delivers a depth of materiality to the senses. Elements of tone and tactility are carefully considered in each material to provide a grounding quality we often gain from organic matter.

Leong's methodical mark-making process symbolises the act of emptying her mind, the final outcome representing a visual reflection of her meditation practise. Each mark, a stored seed of consciousness is embedded into the painting.

“Repetition enables my mind to enter a flow state, over time the brush becomes an extension of my hand, each iteration passing through to the next.” 

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