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Be Here Now
Corban Estate 22 July - 2 September 2023


In Ram Dass’s seminal work, ‘Be Here Now’, the author and spiritual teacher delves into the transformative power of meditation and contemplation in quieting the mind. In a similar vein, Leong’s process involves the act of repetitively putting brush to canvas as a means of distilling her mind and achieving a state of presence.

For Leong, Eastern philosophy and art making are deeply intertwined, with each offering a unique lens through which to explore the complexities of existence. Through her own artistic practice, Leong has found that the act of painting can serve as a conduit for navigating and exploring Buddhist concepts, allowing her to delve into their deeper truths in a visceral, experiential way.

In Be Here Now, Leong’s paintings become a site of inquiry and transformation, inviting the viewer to join her on the path of self-discovery and self-actualisation. With each stroke, Leong proposes that by cultivating a sense of equanimity, we can tap into a deeper level of consciousness and awareness that lies beyond the surface noise of our daily lives.

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